In order to start scanning product lists in Scan Unlimited, you must register a marketplace to search.

Select a Marketplace Region

Within the "Amazon Credentials" tab, click the "Add Marketplace" button.

Once clicked, you will be presented with an option to select a marketplace region. In this example, we will select the North American marketplace region.

Add Scan Unlimited as a Developer

To add Scan Unlimited as a developer, simply follow the steps outlined in the pop up. 

Complete the form by entering in your seller id and the MWS Auth Token into the available fields. If everything checks out and your credentials are valid, the marketplace will appear as registered. You are now ready to start scanning product list files for your chosen marketplace!

Registered in multiple Amazon marketplaces, simply repeat the whole process again for any additional marketplaces. You will now have the ability to choose a different marketplace when scanning a file.

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